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Blog Posts in February, 2017

  • Falling Objects in Construction Zones

    There is a reason why hard hats are required in construction zones – falling objects are a constant hazard. Even when safety regulations are in place, mistakes are made and large, heavy objects can come crashing down. So what can you do if you are a construction worker who has suffered serious injury due to a falling object? Matzus Law LLC is ready to help you file a claim in order to recover fair ...
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  • Construction Accidents & Independent Contractors

    Construction zones are some of the most dangerous workplaces in the world. Even when safety precautions and regulations are in place, serious construction accidents happen. Injured workers deserve to be compensated for these accidents – but when you are an independent contractor, who pays for your injuries? Matzus Law LLC is here with answers. Workers’ Compensation In some cases, independent ...
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