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Pittsburgh Anesthesia Injury Attorney

Anesthesia is such an important part of the medical world. It is a drug that is administered to patients either locally or generally prior to a procedure that requires them to be numb or to be asleep. When the obstetrician or the anesthesiologist makes a mistake prescribing or administering the drug it can lead to serious consequences. An anesthesia injury lawyer in Pittsburgh, PA will be able to examine your case and determine how much of a chance you have in recovering compensation for any injuries suffered.

Do you ask questions when at the doctor? Do you ask questions of every medical professional who comes into the room? You need to ask as many questions as possible before agreeing to a procedure, especially if you will need to be sedated using anesthesia. Make sure you are healthy enough to receive anesthesia and that you can survive being put under for a procedure. Having as much knowledge as possible is known as informed consent. It is a big part of any medical malpractice case.

Common Anesthesia Injury Cases in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

Did you know that anesthesia can cause a range of problems for patients of any age and health? No two patients are the same, which is why doctors and anesthesiologists need to be extremely careful when prescribing and administering anesthesia to a patient. Whether the anesthesia is administered generally or locally you need to know what can go wrong if a mistake is made by the medical staff treating you in Pittsburgh, PA.

One of the most common anesthesia injury lawyer cases we handle at Matzus Law involves patients who have been administered too high of a dosage of anesthesia. When too much anesthesia is administered to a patient he or she might not be able to wake up following the procedure in the due time it is supposed to happen. A delay in waking up can cause serious injuries to the patient that are not limited to just respiratory or emotional injuries. You could have trouble breathing, with memory loss, nausea and much more.

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Suffering an injury due to an anesthesia error can be devastating to your health. Your injuries could wind up being so severe that you wind up not being able to work the rest of your life, or even dead. It’s important that you contact an experienced anesthesia injury attorney in Pittsburgh, PA after suffering such an injury to seek the compensation you deserve. Call the office of Matzus Law today to schedule a free consultation about your case. The sooner you make a call, the sooner you can begin your fight for compensation.

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