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Birth Injury to Mother in Pittsburgh PA

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Birth Injury to Mother in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

Finding out that you are pregnant is one of the most exciting times in life. It can also be stressful and scary, especially if you have never been pregnant before or if you have had difficult pregnancies in the past. Not every pregnancy will be easy and not every birth will be easy either. This means that a birth injury can occur without warning and lead to serious consequences for the mother and the baby. A birth injury to mother in Pittsburgh, PA can cause serious injuries and even death, leading to high medical costs that can put a family in difficult financial trouble.

Victims of birth injuries in Pittsburgh, PA are more prevalent than many people think. It’s a sad reality that the United States is one of the most dangerous countries in the world in which to give birth. Medical staffers are ignoring warning signs of potential problems that could lead to birth injuries. The Medical Malpractice team at Matzus Law has 20 years of experience representing clients who have suffered birth injuries of all kinds.

Why Should I Speak with a Pittsburgh Birth Injury to Mother Attorney?

Going through a difficult delivery can take a lot out of the mother and the baby. Recovery from such a delivery can wind up leaving the mother severely injured to the point where she might not be able to function physically or emotionally, putting her out of work and into rehabilitation for months on end. The minute you realize you have suffered a birth injury it is important to protect your rights and speak with a birth injury to mother attorney in Pittsburgh, PA. Speaking to an attorney can help determine the validity of your case and how much money you can recover for medical expenses, pain and suffering, and other issues.

The most common types of birth injury to mother that Matzus Law has handled in Pittsburgh, PA include the following:

A mother who has suffered a birth injury in Pittsburgh, PA is entitled to compensation from at least one entity. An experienced medical malpractice attorney might be able to obtain compensation from the doctor, the nursing staff, the hospital and anyone else who failed to recognize the warning signs of a birth injury. Mothers who are victims of birth injuries can recover compensation for lost wages, pain and suffering, medical expenses, psychological therapy, home health care, physical therapy and the purchase of medical equipment.

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The sooner you schedule a consultation with a birth injury lawyer in Pittsburgh, PA the sooner you can recover compensation for your injuries. Contact Matzus Law today to schedule a free consultation to discuss your injuries.

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