Meet Our Firm Founder

The Righteous Pursuit Of Justice Is What Drives Us

At Matzus Law, we often meet clients after some type of devastating death or injury, and they are literally living their worst nightmare.

We know firsthand how difficult it can be after suffering an injury, which is why we fight to secure a financial future for our clients that they can depend on so that they can focus on recovering physically and emotionally from the trauma of their accident.

Every client can expect a personal relationship with someone at our firm who cares about them and who pays very close attention to what they’re going through. Not only about the accident or the catastrophic event that they went through, but also about what they’re going through on their road to recovery.

We are here to help our clients along the way, so that they don’t have any questions or concerns.

Our clients know that we’re fighting for them, and they know what’s going on with their lawsuit. We’re working hand in hand with them every step of the way.

We work hard with our clients to develop a game plan to help them navigate these very challenging circumstances. We help them regain the ability to move forward and return to leading a meaningful and productive life.

When we get a result for a client, win a trial, settle a result, or otherwise, it’s the best feeling in the entire world for us.

When you’re hurt and don’t know where to turn for help, our lawyers are here for you.