Pittsburgh Failure to Diagnose Stroke Lawyer

Pittsburgh Failure to Diagnose Stroke Lawyer

Undiagnosed Stroke Injury Attorney in Pittsburgh, PA Seeks Maximum Compensation for Victims of Misdiagnosed Stroke in Allegheny County and Across Pennsylvania

Ischemic strokes, the kind that affects more than 80% of stroke victims, happen when the brain loses blood supply because of a blockage. Unlike other illnesses that may leave a patient weak or kill them instantly, strokes cause a range of consequences and it’s important to catch them early. If your medical professional didn’t diagnose your stroke and you suffered injury, as a result, contact our Pittsburgh failure to diagnose stroke lawyer. Some individuals can experience a stroke and go back to regular life within a week with or without treatment. Others will never regain full functionality and use of their bodies and minds. Strokes can occur at any age, although the risk becomes greater over time. Understanding and acting on the early warning signs is a key factor in survival and recovery. Almost all stroke victims experience some level of numbness affecting one side of the body. This is a hallmark symptom and should prompt an emergency call and immediate medical attention. It is vital to get to a medical facility within hours of recognizing the symptoms of stroke to reduce the likelihood of long-term disability. Other common symptoms of stroke include mental confusion or difficulty verbalizing thoughts, severe headache with a sudden onset, difficulty moving normally, dizziness, and sudden visual difficulty. Strokes can also affect personality and mood. The stroke should always be a consideration in any age group if these signs and symptoms are present.

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Diagnosis and Treatment of a Stroke

Most people recognize the signs of a stroke, which is why it is difficult to understand how physicians can fail to make an accurate diagnosis. Early warning signs may not fit the basic profile of a stroke, but doctors who have not made a definitive diagnosis should not release patients without some level of testing or observation. Catching the warning signs of a stroke early is the key to preventing permanent brain injury and death. If there is any question that a stroke may be happening a health care provider should work to understand medical history, conduct a physical examination including neurological testing, order appropriate testing and screenings, and keep a patient under care until an accurate conclusion can be drawn from the evidence. When strokes are identified early on, health care professionals have access to treatments to break up the blockage and restore blood flow to the brain, reducing the likelihood of long serious term effects.

Pittsburgh Stroke Misdiagnosis Lawyer

There have been cases where individuals will go to the ER complaining of headaches, numbness, or pain and be released either with a diagnosis of a migraine or no diagnosis at all. Unfortunately, damaging strokes do not just go away on their own like a headache or a pulled muscle. They get worse. When patients arrive back in the hospital for medical assistance to address serious symptoms of a stroke, it may be too late. Brain damage and other injuries may already have occurred. If you have any questions regarding the treatment of a stroke after which a patient has lost brain functioning, use of their arms or legs or died, we strongly encourage you to reach out to a medical malpractice attorney. Many of these outcomes are avoidable when doctors or hospitals follow the nationally recognized stroke treatment guidelines. Failure to follow these evidence-based guidelines is simply not acceptable when someone’s life is at stake.

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Pittsburgh Failure to Diagnose Stroke Lawyer Takes Action Against Stroke Misdiagnosis or Stroke Malpractice

Depending on where the blood clot cut off blood supply, there are so many different outcomes a stroke can have. Every case is unique when it comes to strokes, which makes seeking legal advice all the more necessary after a stroke injury or death. At Matzus Law, LLC, our Pittsburgh failure to diagnose stroke lawyer understands the medicine, relevant stroke treatment protocols and the laws that govern malpractice in Pennsylvania. Allow us to help you and your family get fair compensation after a stroke to provide for your future medical care needs and treatment. Contact us today for a free case evaluation in Pittsburgh or Erie, or across Pennsylvania.


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