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At Matzus Law, we are here for you in your greatest time of need with experienced, balanced, and sound legal counsel.

Were you injured due to the fault of another party? If you have been the victim of someone else’s negligent or reckless actions, Pittsburgh injury lawyer Jason Matzus can help. Attorney Matzus has dedicated his career to fighting for the interests of injured clients. He knows how devastating and confusing accident injuries can be. Let him pursue the financial security and justice you deserve from those at fault for your injuries.

At Matzus Law, we will leave no stone unturned in making sure that you get the medical care, insurance benefits, and financial compensation you need to make a full legal, physical, and emotional recovery.

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Hear Directly from our Clients

I am so thankful that God directed us to Matzus Law after our car accident. We were told by one firm that our case was not worth what we owed in medical bills. We disagreed and so did Jason. He and his staff did an excellent job fighting for us! We highly recommend Matzus Law, LLC!

Tracy C.

Working with Matzus Law made an initially unpleasant experience pleasant. Everyone worked professionally and made you feel like a priority. Additionally, they took time to explain things about my process and case that I didn’t understand. They made sure that we were always on the same page.

Emily M.

Jason was very thorough and kept us updated. He answered all our questions and helped us through a difficult time. It made it easier for us to understand what was happening with our case. He’s very personable and professional. I would recommend his firm to others.

Rita J.

Jason and the staff were attentive and caring through the process. I was confident they had my best interest at heart. They took time with me and my mother so we understood. Jason and the staff moved our case along in a timely fashion. I highly recommend Matzus Law, LLC.

Barb C.

Learn How Matzus Law Can Help You

How an Experienced Pennsylvania Injury Lawyer Can Help You Pursue Justice in Your Case.

If you were involved in an accident, don’t let the insurance company deny you the full compensation you deserve for your injuries and losses. With Matzus Law in your corner, you can expect an experienced Pittsburgh legal team to go to thoroughly investigate the facts and circumstances to recover evidence and identify the party or parties who can be held at fault for the harm and loss you have suffered.

At Matzus law, we will document your injuries and losses so that we have the records necessary to demand the full compensation you deserve. We retain nationally-renowned experts in accident reconstruction, engineering, or medicine to bolster your case through effective opinion reports and testimony.

We are able to file claims against liable parties and their insurers to begin aggressively pursuing fair and full financial recovery through a settlement, or go to trial where litigation is the best path to the best result in your case.

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Delayed Diagnosis and Treatment

Attorney Matzus is pursuing a case on behalf of a woman who became paralyzed because her surgeon failed to monitor her post-surgical condition.

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Delay in Diagnosing Meningitis/Ventriculitis

Attorney Matzus recently settled a case involving a physician’s failure to timely diagnose meningitis/ventriculitis resulting in a patient’s brain infection and subsequent death

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Emergency Room Malpractice

Attorney Matzus recently filed a wrongful death case involving an emergency room physician’s failure to timely and accurately diagnose a medical emergency, hyperkalemia.

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Hospital Malpractice

Attorney Jason Matzus is pursing a case against a hospital located in Mercer County, PA on behalf of a widow and her children as a result of surgical malpractice.

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