Kind and caring

    When our family was struck with a terrible tragedy, the last thing I thought about doing was contacting a lawyer. A friend suggested that I should call Jason Matzus and just find out if there was anything that we could do. He spent a lot of time with me explaining the law and what we could do. Over the 2 and half years it took to get through this case, I cannot tell you how many times he spent on the phone or with us. We are so thankful for Jason and the result we obtained.



    Great job

    Jason did a great job with our medical malpractice case. After losing trust in our doctor, the last I wanted to do was turn to a lawyer, but thank God I did. Jason is a great attorney and a very caring person. He held our hand through 3 years of emotional lows and finally helped us get a settlement. I highly recommend this attorney.

    A Medical Malpractice Client


    Exceeded My Expectations

    Jason was incredibly professional and dedicated. Jason kept us informed with every aspect of the case and made me feel like we are a team.Thank you so much Jason.

    A Client


    A journey

    In 2013…My husband was permanently disfigured. Days after this occurred…my family decided to seek legal advice. I settled into a different life…but our life..making sure he had safe..appropriate care..etc. Last year Atty Matzus visited our home. Smart, professional… skilled at his craft. My husband n I were clueless but intrigued. The case started..we were included…updated…educated. A year later,Jason continues to provide knowledge, details, timelines. All the above qualities are why you consider an attorney…but why is Jason a 5/5? He listens…he respects..he challenges you to not just to survive life’s undesired bumps…he wants you to thrive. Both of us!!! Our legal needs are not completed.. So to base this review on outcomes alone is impossible. But as far as Jason and his involvement with us…he’s offered his expertise, guidance to help us learn to trust again. He’s done more than I could have asked for…the journey is to heal and MOVE forward.Hire Jason? Absolutely



    Wonderful Professional Experience

    I was in a car accident in January of 2003 when I was rear ended by a semi tractor trailer truck. I ended up with neck and back injuries. I called Jason after seeing an advertisement for his firm. Since that call we have had the most wonderful experience working with Jason. I liked that he kept us in the loop as he progressed through the case. We never had to worry about anything. We came to know Jason both professionally and personally. He was very understanding of my injuries and what we were going through. I would recommend him to anyone who is in need of a personal injury or medical malpractice lawyer.


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