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If your child has suffered from a birth injury disorder known as Erb’s Palsy, you may be entitled to damages to help compensate you and your child for the potentially severe consequences of the disorder. A skilled Pittsburgh Erb’s palsy birth injury lawyer can help you obtain compensation.

Unfortunately, many Erb’s Palsy injuries could have been prevented had the healthcare professionals involved exercised reasonable care. Healthcare professionals are held to a high standard of care and must take certain precautions when performing birth procedures in order to prevent serious injury. If your child’s Erb’s Palsy was caused by medical negligence, then the circumstances of such negligence must be explored in order to maximize the prospect of securing fair compensation.

Our shoulder dystocia injury attorney in Pittsburgh, PA has decades of experience litigating medical malpractice cases, which include Erb’s Palsy cases involving shoulder dystocia. For a free consultation with a Pittsburgh personal injury attorney who has a long track record of success, contact our firm now at (412) 206-5300.

For answers to frequently asked questions about Erb’s Palsy and birth injuries in Pennsylvania, check out the Matzus Law, LLC medical malpractice FAQ page.

The Basics of Erb’s Palsy

Erb’s Palsy is a disorder in which the nerves of the arm and shoulder are damaged (sometimes partially, sometimes fully), resulting in paralysis, mobility issues, and abnormal sensations. These symptoms can affect your child for a lifetime.

Generally speaking, Erb’s Palsy is caused by damage to the brachial plexus (a set of nerves that run through each shoulder and arm) during childbirth. Damage can result from any number of issues, but most common is shoulder dystocia. In shoulder dystocia, labor is obstructed due to the baby’s shoulders getting caught on the pelvic bone — in this scenario, the head passes through cleanly but the shoulders become stuck.

Medical Negligence in the Erb’s Palsy Context

All treating healthcare professionals during labor and delivery must adhere to reasonable standards of care. Abnormal delivery circumstances may not be uncommon, but they must be dealt with in an appropriate manner that falls within medical norms — or the healthcare professional will be considered “negligent.”

If your child suffers from Erb’s Palsy due to injuries that occurred during labor or delivery, it’s possible that the injuries were caused by medical negligence relating to:

  • Excessive force used to pull the baby’s head during delivery, resulting in damage to the brachial plexus nerves
  • Negligent administration of labor induction medicines
  • Failure to perform a cesarean section when evidence showed that there would be labor complications
  • Failure to take note of a history of shoulder dystocia in previous childbirth scenarios
  • Failure to take proper precautions when delivering the baby to prevent sudden movement and the application of damaging force

Treating healthcare professionals may not necessarily intend to cause harm, but their negligence can ultimately contribute to an Erb’s Palsy injury. Our Pittsburgh Erb’s palsy birth injury lawyer has experience litigating Erb’s Palsy injury claims. He understands that determining negligence in the labor and delivery context can be difficult and that an effective case will require an excellent legal strategy as well as supportive expert testimony.

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If your child has been forced to endure Erb’s palsy due to the medical negligence of healthcare professionals, you and your child may be entitled to damages. Contact Matzus Law, LLC today for a free consultation with a skilled Pittsburgh Erb’s palsy attorney.