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Learn More About Escalator Accidents

October 11, 2017


Likely one of the last places you would expect to be injured is on an escalator, but surprisingly enough, there are a decent amount of injuries that occur on escalators every year. That being said, if using the escalator properly, the chance of injury is actually very slim. So how exactly does an accident happen from the use of an escalator?

Misuse of the escalator

Misuse of any piece of equipment can be dangerous, but misusing an escalator can be especially dangerous simply because of the height from the ground in most cases. There are times when the escalator is up to three stories above the ground below, meaning falling off of it could potentially be fatal. The majority of escalator-related injuries are a direct result of misuse of the escalator. This may mean sitting on the rail of the escalator and slipping off of it backward or even jumping from escalator-to-escalator. These examples of misuse typically result in much worse injuries. Of course, there are other, more mild cases of misuse which involve tripping and falling because someone was trying to run up the escalator. Regardless, the most common types of escalator injuries result from misuse of the escalator.

So, how exactly do other escalator injuries occur?

Malfunction of the escalator

Like any piece of technology/machinery, it can malfunction. In one case, the escalator suddenly reversed direction, throwing a group of people to the ground. Luckily, there were no casualties, but there were a number of injuries. Escalator malfunctions are very rare, but they do happen and they can result in injuries.

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