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Uterine cancer — unlike many other forms of cancer — responds well to treatment in its early stages, and it can be identified quite reliably with the aid of various diagnostic tests (i.e., pap smears). As such, the gap between adequate medical care and inadequate medical care in the uterine cancer context is large. If a healthcare professional fails to provide medical care that adheres to the standard of care, then you could be exposed to a significant risk of severe injury or even death. This could give rise to an actionable medical malpractice claim under Pennsylvania law. Speak with a delayed diagnosis of uterine cancer lawyer in Pittsburgh, PA about your claim today.

Our Pittsburgh medical malpractice attorney has a long and extensive track record of success in advocating on behalf of injured claimants in Pennsylvania medical malpractice disputes, including those that arise from a failure to diagnose or treat uterine cancer. Contact Matzus Law, LLC today to set up a free and confidential consultation with a misdiagnosed uterine cancer lawsuit attorney in Pittsburgh, PA.

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Endometrial Cancer vs. Uterine Cancer Misdiagnosis in Butler, PA

Often, those who have been diagnosed with endometrial cancer (or any other sort of uterine cancer) are unsure of the differences between endometrial cancer and uterine cancer. The difference, however, is really quite simple: endometrial cancers are a subcategory of uterine cancers, and they affects only the uterine lining. By contrast, other uterine cancers may influence structures of the uterus besides the lining.

It should be noted that endometrial cancers (and uterine cancers, more generally) all present quite “obviously.” As such, similar medical malpractice issues tend to crop up in cases involving either form of cancer.

Identifying Uterine Cancer in Cranberry Township, Pennsylvania

Attentive healthcare professionals can identify the potential for uterine cancer by evaluating certain risk factors and symptoms commonly associated with such cancers. Risk factors include:

  • Obesity
  • Old age
  • Diabetes
  • Irregular ovulation
  • Lack of prior pregnancies
  • Unbalanced diet (i.e., high fat content)
  • And more

Symptoms can vary substantially, depending on the particular type of uterine cancer. Common uterine cancer symptoms include:

  • Irregular uterine bleeding
  • Pelvic and back pain
  • Bloating
  • Intercourse pain
  • Unexpected weight loss
  • And more

The presence of physical symptoms is often not enough to accurately diagnose uterine cancer. Generally speaking, healthcare professionals will utilize a battery of specialized diagnostic tests — such as ultrasounds, biopsies, dilation, pap smears, MRIs, and more — to make a more informed determination.

Treating Uterine Cancer at Hospitals in Washington, PA

Fortunately, the efficacy of current uterine cancer treatments is quite high — so long as the cancer is caught early. There are a number of different treatments available, and in some cases, a hybrid treatment regimen is used to effectively combat the cancerous growths. Such treatments include radiation and hormonal therapy solutions, chemotherapy surgical interventions to remove cancerous growths, and more.

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Delayed Diagnosis of Uterine Cancer Lawyer in Pittsburgh PA

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