2 Workers Killed & 3 Others Injured in Bruce Mansfield Power Plant Accident, Beaver County

September 01, 2017

According to local news media reports, Enerfab Corp. workers were working in an underground pit, referred to as a “well-type” area, when hydrogen sulfide gas released into their confined working space upon removal of an elbow joint in a pipe.

Hydrogen sulfide gas is a very dangerous and toxic substance, which depending on concentration released, can cause rapid unconsciousness and death. According to the Occupational Health and Safety Association (OSHA), rapid unconsciousness can occur with concentrations of 700-100 parts per million and death can occur at concentrations of 1000-2000 parts per million.

There are various OSHA safety standards that need to be followed in work environments that have such toxic substances present. These standards address evaluating and controlling workplace exposure to substances like hydrogen sulfide gas. For example, federal regulations such as 29 CFR 1910.94 address ventilation and 1910.134 address respiratory protection for workers. Overall, there are well known methods that must be followed for evaluating and controlling the dangers of working with hydrogen sulfide gas. These dangers and risks are only heightened when working in confined spaces, such as pits, tunnels or wells.

At Matzus Law, LLC, we have significant experience in representing injured workers in these types of industrial work site accidents. Attorney Jason Matzus was a lead attorney in representing workers injured in an explosion at the largest coke manufacturing plant in the United States several years ago.

If you or a loved one were injured as a result of the Bruce Mansfield Power Plant accident, please call Matzus Law, LLC to learn more about what legal rights you may have.  


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