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Causes of Birth Injury

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Birth Injury Causes In Pittsburgh, PA

Knowledgeable Medical Malpractice Lawyers Help Clients Understand Causes of Birth Injuries in Allegheny County, Butler County, Westmoreland County and Across Western Pennsylvania

Your child should have the chance to come into this world with a clean slate—healthy, happy and ready to grow.  While we all know that nature is not perfect and pregnancy and labor are traumatic events in themselves, when the negligent actions of a medical professional cause birth injuries to your child to eliminate that clean slate, you may be legally entitled to financial compensation for the harm that negligence causes. Cases involving birth injuries are different than a typical medical malpractice case. A birth injury caused by medical negligence can impact your child’s entire life—and often result in a lifetime’s worth of increased medical costs.

At Matzus Law LLC, we believe that your child deserves the brightest possible future and we fight to establish the cause of birth injuries so that we can help you recover the maximum amount of compensation possible to protect that future. While your primary focus should be on your child’s physical and emotional well-being, we take the time to make sure you have the resources necessary to give your child the best possible care. If your child sustained an injury during birth, our lawyers are here to help you determine the cause of that birth injury so that we can hold the responsible parties financially accountable. Call or contact our office today to schedule a free initial consultation so that we can go to work in your case.

Common Causes of Birth Injuries in Butler, PA Cases

Establishing the cause of birth injuries suffered by your child is the key to identifying the party or parties who will bear ultimate financial responsibility for the injuries. Common causes of birth injuries include:

Any one of these failures on the part of your medical team can cause your child to suffer serious birth injuries, which may include:

Dedicated Birth Injury Lawyers Fight to Help Clients Establish the Cause of Birth Injuries in Greensburg, PA Cases

At Matzus Law LLC, our dedicated medical malpractice lawyers will work tirelessly to establish the cause of your child’s birth injury so that we can advocate for the maximum amount of compensation available in your case. Depending upon the cause of the birth injury, the following parties may be held responsible:

To establish liability, our experienced Pittsburgh birth injury lawyers will investigate to establish the duty of care between the responsible party and the mother (for example, by showing that a doctor-patient relationship existed) and that the medical professional responsible for the birth injury breached that duty of care by failing to act as any reasonably prudent person would under the circumstances. We will then work to show that the breach was the cause of the birth injury. Once we have established the applicable duty, breach and causation elements, we will fight to get the maximum amount of compensation possible in your case by demonstrating the harm that the birth injury has caused, including compensation for:

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In many cases where a child suffers a birth injury, the parents may not immediately understand the cause of that injury. Our dedicated medical malpractice lawyers are here to help you identify the cause of your child’s birth injury and fight for your right to fair compensation. We provide all prospective clients with a free initial consultation, so call or contact us online today to discuss options in your case.

Frequently Asked Questions About Common Causes of Birth Injury

FAQ: How can a lawyer help me determine the cause of a birth injury?

Determining the cause of a birth injury is key to establishing liability, but is often not a simple task. Our lawyers will conduct a full investigation to determine the root cause of the birth injury by consulting with medical experts and specialists, reviewing all medical records and even interviewing eyewitnesses—such as nurses and other employees of the medical facilities where you received treatment. In some cases, the birth injury may be caused by an isolated failure, while in others, a systemic pattern of neglect resulting in birth injuries may emerge.

FAQ: Once you determine the cause of the birth injury, how can you establish the amount of compensation to which I should be entitled?

Establishing the level of compensation available in a birth injury case can be complicated by many factors, which means that we work with a variety of experts to develop a figure that will cover the costs of your child’s needs. This may mean we will work with medical experts, financial experts, therapeutic specialists, and even counselors to determine what your child is likely to need at various stages throughout his or her life as a result of the injury. 

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