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Cancer Misdiagnosis

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Cancer Misdiagnosis Lawyers Pittsburgh, PA

Pennsylvania Medical Malpractice Attorneys Help Victims of Cancer Misdiagnosis Get Compensation in Allegheny County, Butler County, Westmoreland County, and Throughout Western PA

Healthcare providers make mistakes — it’s inevitable, to some degree — and these mistakes extend to the diagnostic phase of an illness, too. Sometimes, a treating healthcare provider may notice that there is something “wrong” during a screening or some other test but incorrectly identify the condition at issue. This is generally referred to as a misdiagnosis scenario.

Misdiagnosis is particularly damaging to the interests of the patient when the illness involved is cancer. For example, suppose that you have a tumor and your physician incorrectly diagnoses your tumor as a benign cyst. As a result, you are not actually diagnosed with cancer. Years later, the cyst develops into a late-stage cancer that threatens your life. You are forced to undergo chemotherapy and you lose significant bodily function. Under these circumstances, you may be entitled to sue the physician and recover significant damages for medical malpractice. The best way to find out if you should file a medical malpractice lawsuit in Cranberry Township, Butler, Washington, or elsewhere in Pennsylvania is to speak with a qualified PA cancer misdiagnosis attorney with Matzus Law LLC.

Cancer Misdiagnosis Does Not Always Give Rise to Liability in Pennsylvania

If you believe that you have developed cancer (or that you had an existing cancer advance to a later stage) due to a healthcare provider’s misdiagnosis, then you’ll have to prove that the healthcare provider who incorrectly diagnosed you violated the applicable standard of care in Pennsylvania. If you cannot show that the healthcare provider violated the standard of care, then you might not be able to recover damages.

The standard of care for a given situation varies, depending on a number of factors. These factors include the difficulty of diagnosing the illness, the training of the healthcare provider, and more. For example, misdiagnosis may be an “acceptable mistake” in scenarios where the illness at issue is rare and famously difficult to identify. By contrast, misdiagnosis may be deemed “negligence” where the illness at issue is common and should have been easy for a physician (with the training of the defendant) to identify.

Cancer Misdiagnosis Can Lead to Injury or Death

Misdiagnosis of cancer can lead to inadequate treatment of the cancerous tumors, thus allowing the cancer to grow and metastasize to other organs and bodily systems. As a general rule, the earlier that you correctly identify a cancer, the easier it is to treat and the higher the likelihood of a positive outcome. Misdiagnosis of cancer can give patients and their healthcare providers a false sense of security — and after having waited for a long time to obtain a correct diagnosis, it may be too late.

Factors that can lead to misdiagnosis include:

Contact an Experienced Pittsburgh Misdiagnosis Attorney for Further Guidance in Your PA Medical Malpractice Case

If you have been misdiagnosed, and this misdiagnosis has led to the development of your cancer, then Pennsylvania law may give you a right of action to sue and recover compensation from the healthcare professionals whose negligence contributed to your injuries.

Jason Matzus is an experienced Pittsburgh cancer misdiagnosis attorney who has served clients in a range of medical malpractice claims (including those involving misdiagnosis of cancer) for over two decades. Attorney Matzus is committed to providing personalized, comprehensive legal representation. In fact, from the beginning of the engagement process, Attorney Matzus works closely with clients to ensure that they are kept apprised of case developments and relevant strategic decisions. Further, here at Matzus Law LLC, we have medical experts on staff who can evaluate your claims and provide expert support to our attorney team.

Call (412) 206-5300 to get connected with an experienced Pittsburgh cancer misdiagnosis attorney today. During your free initial consultation, we will evaluate your various medical malpractice claims and help you understand your rights under the law.

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