Pennsylvania Concussion Lawyers

Head injuries can have a devastating effect on the brain. A concussion can occur as result of a head blow, which causes the brain to shake inside the skull. This can create severe symptoms that can leave you feeling ill, uncomfortable, and with a headache. Concussions can also occur with a direct blow or direct strike to the head. These types of concussions are called contrecoup injuries. While concussions are common with traumatic brain injuries, the signs can sometimes be overlooked. Watch for these indications that you or a loved one is suffering from a concussion and get the medical attention that’s needed immediately.

Confusion and Unclear Thinking

When you have been hit in the head, it can create a change in how your brain processes information. This can cause you to have confusion and not be able to think clearly. You may say things that don’t make sense to others or not be able to remember information that you were just told.

Nausea and Vomiting

Physical side effects are also common with a concussion. You may vomit or feel nauseous after a head injury. This is a sign that you could have a concussion and need to see a doctor for help. Physical symptoms can also include headaches, dizziness or an unbalanced feeling as you walk.

Mood Changes

Your general mood and emotions can easily be altered by a concussion. Keep in mind that your brain has just undergone a traumatic injury and needs time to heal itself. You may have more pronounced emotions than normal and easily become upset over little things. These are all signs that you are experiencing a concussion.

Different Sleep Patterns

If you have had a head injury and you notice that you or a loved one are sleeping more or even less than usual, it could mean that you are suffering from a concussion. Changes in sleep patterns are signs that your brain has been injured and needs to heal as part of the recovery process.

Knowing the signs of a concussion can help you and the ones you love get the medical attention they need after a head injury. If you have sustained a head injury due to the negligence of another, you need the help of an attorney you can trust. Contact Matzus Law for a consultation of your injury claim. We can provide you with the advice you need to get the justice you deserve.