Attorney Steven Wildberger

Attorney Wildberger’s priority is helping his clients recover the compensation and peace of mind they need after an accident. He is steadfast and tireless in his advocacy of the rights of his clients, and he applies his in-depth knowledge of the legal system to make sure your rights are protected. He’ll put your best interests first and fight for you at every turn.

Mr. Wildberger’s practice emphasizes representation of victims of medical negligence, as well as serious personal injury or wrongful death cases that involve other areas of law, such as automobile or truck accidents or product liability.

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Your Pennsylvania Unemployment Rights During the COVID-19 Crisis

Did you ever think the day would come where the American government would pay you to stay home from work?…
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Pennsylvania Turnpike Crash Kills 5 People

Fatal Motor Vehicle Crash on Pennsylvania Turnpike On Sunday January 5th, a multiple vehicle collision on the Pennsylvania Turnpike in…
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National Transportation Safety Board Investigating Deadly Crash on Pennsylvania Turnpike

Fatal Crash on PA Turnpike It was around 3:30 A.M. when a tour bus heading down Pennsylvania Turnpike lost control…
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