UPMC St. Margaret Hospital Medical Malpractice Attorneys

Do You Think You Have a Medical Negligence Claim Against UPMC St. Margaret Hospital in Pittsburgh?

UPMC St. Margaret Hospital is one of the best hospitals in the Pittsburgh area and is associated with the University of Pittsburgh’s highly ranked medical program. They have a very strong history of talented physicians, surgeons, and nurses practicing in their hospital. However, no matter how talented the personnel is, they can make mistakes, paperwork can be misplaced, and treatments can be poorly performed. When this occurs at a local Pittsburgh hospital, you may be a victim of medical malpractice or negligence, and you may be entitled to compensation. The Pittsburgh medical malpractice attorneys at Matzus Law LLC have been litigating and negotiating with hospitals and physicians’ malpractice insurance carriers on behalf of their clients for years. If you or a loved one has suffered medical malpractice injuries you should contact Matzus Law today to schedule your free consultation so we can evaluate your claim.

Physicians Who Practice at UPMC St. Margaret Hospital

UPMC St. Margaret Hospital is most known for the surgeries that they perform on behalf of their patients. A surgical error or mistake is always possible when in the operating room. Patients are already vulnerable due to their condition, and if a surgeon makes a critical error it could be very harmful to the patient. Here are the types of physicians who practice at UPMC St. Margaret Hospital:

  • Cancer
  • Cardiology
  • Bariatric Surgery
  • Dermatology
  • Emergency Medicine
  • Heart Surgery
  • Orthopaedic Care
  • Primary Care

A bariatric surgeon typically performs surgeries on obese patients to help them achieve weight loss. These types of procedures are often performed by removing a gastric band or removing a portion of the stomach. This causes the patient to be able to eat less, and assists in them losing weight. A mistake in this procedure though can cause immense pain or even permanent injury to the patient. If you suffer a surgical mistake or error at UPMC St. Margaret Hospital, contact the experienced offices of Matzus Law LLC to set up your free consultation today.

Surgical Mistakes or Errors at UPMC St. Margaret Hospital

A surgical mistake or error can be caused by a variety of influences, and when they occur it can have a particularly devastating impact on you or a loved one. Surgical mistakes can cause permanent injury, and sometimes even be fatal. A surgical error can be caused when any of the following occur:

  • Leaving a surgical item inside a patient
  • Improper operating procedures
  • Improper anesthesia administration
  • Improper patient consent is obtained
  • Negligent use of surgical instruments
  • Damage to other areas inside a patient

Surgical mistakes can be particularly difficult for you or a loved one to overcome. They may cause you to expend even more money and may cause even more financial insecurity. This can be coupled with a worsened physical condition, and this can cause you to be unable to work. If you have suffered surgical malpractice at a Pittsburgh hospital you should seek an attorney to represent you. Contact Matzus Law LLC so we can evaluate your claim today.

Medical Services Offered at UPMC St. Margaret Hospital

UPMC St. Margaret Hospital has a number of medical services that they offer their patients. They practice in a variety of different medical fields, but when medical malpractice occurs, you deserve to have someone who will fight for you for compensation. Medical malpractice can be debilitating to your financial future, and if it occurs, you must find an experienced attorney to represent you. The medical services offered at UPMC St. Margaret Hospital:

  • Heart failure
  • Critical care
  • Bariatric surgery
  • Emergency medicine
  • Family medicine
  • Knee replacement

When working in an emergency room and practicing emergency medicine, doctors are given a more lenient deference in terms of their standard of care. This does not mean that they cannot be charged with medical malpractice, but given the short amount of time the physicians have to make decisions, they can be found to not commit medical malpractice even if you are injured. If you were further injured due to medical negligence from the emergency room, you should contact Matzus Law LLC today to set up your free consultation for your medical malpractice claim.

Contact Matzus Law to Determine if You Have a Medical Malpractice Claim Against UPMC St. Margaret Hospital

If you have been injured by medical malpractice you should contact the experienced Pittsburgh law offices of Matzus Law LLC today to schedule your free legal consultation. Our approach when handling our clients is to put you first. We want you to feel like you are respected and a valued member of the Matzus Law family. We believe this approach helps us define the goals of our clients, and we can find out the best way to represent them. Contact our offices today to schedule a free consultation with the Matzus Law family.

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