When most people think of a motor vehicle accident it usually includes another car, truck or motorcycle and sometimes an inanimate object like a phone pole. What people sometimes forget is that automobiles can collide with more than just another object.

An unfortunate string of events was recently reported in Pittsburgh’s Highland Park, where a man was found pinned under a vehicle, dead. He was found in an alley located off Stanton Avenue in the early morning hours.

The investigation was ongoing and the exact cause of his death was pending an autopsy. But what the unfortunate scene depicts is a man run over by a vehicle, most likely contributing to his demise.

Automobile accidents involving another vehicle an be terrible enough, even with the body of a car giving those inside a barrier and some type of safety net. A collision between a motor vehicle and a pedestrian is even more terrifying and can result in catastrophic injuries for the pedestrian.

In the case of the man in the alley in Pittsburgh, the result was fatal.

Other types of catastrophic injuries that can stem from an accident such as this are:

  • Brain injuries – these can be permanent, leading to mental and physical disabilities that require lifelong medical care
  • Spinal cord injuries – damage to the spine can lead to paralysis and loss of sensation to limbs and extremities
  • Significant bone fractures – these can be so severe that they lead to permanent impairment
  • Amputations – the loss of a limb can be debilitating, permanently affecting one’s rest of life

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