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Car accidents make up a vast majority of personal injury claims. While a small number of auto accidents simply can’t be prevented, most accidents are caused by human error and are preventable. Some common examples of driver negligence include distracted driving, failing to obey traffic signals or signs, speeding, driving too fast through a construction zone, driving too fast for weather conditions, drunk driving or driving while under the influence of alcohol or drugs. Whether your accident was caused by a negligent driver or a defective auto part, Matzus Law LLC is here to guide you through your claim. We will protect your rights and help you hold negligent parties responsible for your injuries.

What to Do After a Car Accident

The moments after a car crash can be stressful and terrifying. Taking a moment and doing these simple steps can make the situation less stressful and put your claim in a better position to receive the maximum compensation possible from insurers.

  • Call 911 and seek medical attention for injuries. Stay at the scene and wait for the police and medical help to arrive. When the police arrive, remember to ask how you can obtain a copy of the police report and ask the police officer to write down his or her name and the incident number of the report.
  • Collect driver information from the other drivers. Be sure to write down or photograph with your smartphone the driver’s license, plate numbers, and auto insurance company/policy number.
  • Obtain witness contact information, including the names, phone numbers, and addresses of all witnesses.
  • Document evidence. Take pictures of the scene, the vehicle damage, crash debris on the roadway and any other important information regarding the crash. Also, write down details that you recall from the crash.
  • Do not talk to insurance companies without consulting an attorney. Insurance companies may try to pressure you into accepting a low settlement or put the blame on you. Talk to an attorney before making any written or recorded statements with insurance companies.

Common Injuries Sustained in Car Accidents

Helping Clients Navigate The Car Accident Lawsuit Process In Pittsburgh

We understand that the aftermath of a car accident can cause extreme emotional and financial stress. Our Pittsburgh car accident attorney can guide you through your claim and help ease the frustration of navigating the intricate insurance claim process. Remember, the driver who caused your car accident has insurance company claims professionals working to protect their rights, you should have someone working for you to protect your rights.  Call us or fill out our online contact form today

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