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Recently, one family decided to pursue a medical malpractice claim against the doctor who delivered their twin babies. The twins are currently seven years old, but one of the babies suffers from a severe spinal cord injury and paralysis below her chest caused by doctor negligence during birth.

The doctor who performed the twins’ delivery was found to have been negligent because he not only applied too much force on the emerging baby’s spine, but he also failed to opt for a cesarean section when another competent doctor would have reasonably chosen to do so in the same circumstances. As a result of the doctor’s actions, the newborn’s spinal cord was injured and she suffered from torn nerve roots. These devastating injuries directly caused the child’s permanent paralysis below the chest area.

Pennsylvania Jury Award for Medical Negligence

The Pennsylvania jury made this one of the largest personal injury verdicts in the county’s history. The family was provided $10 million to cover the non-financial, emotional pain and suffering from the injury and $669,000 for future lost earnings. In total, the family was awarded $40 million after the two-week trial. The jury’s deliberation spanned over two days and 12 hours. The amount of the verdict is expected to ensure that the child’s medical expenses are entirely covered until she reaches 65 years of age.

Birth Injuries: Brain & Spinal Cord Damage for Newborn Infants

Sadly, brain and spinal cord injuries resulting from medical errors during the delivery process commonly result in life-altering injuries for newborn infants. Paralysis is the most common side effect of a spinal cord injury. Contacting an experienced medical malpractice attorney can help your family find financial relief from growing medical expenses and other losses.

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