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National Transportation Safety Board Investigating Deadly Crash on Pennsylvania Turnpike

January 5, 2020

fatal pa turnpike accidentFatal Crash on PA Turnpike

It was around 3:30 A.M. when a tour bus heading down Pennsylvania Turnpike lost control around a corner. Fifty-six passengers were aboard the bus when it attempted to turn and instead collided with the road’s central barrier. From there, the bus was launched up an embankment where it rolled about three times before coming to a complete stop. While passengers thought the worst was over, they were almost immediately struck by a semi-truck who couldn’t stop in time to avoid them. Within moments, a second semi-truck smashed into the other two vehicles.

Turnpike Collision Leaves 5 Fatally Wounded, 60 Others with Significant Injuries

Authorities rushed to the scene where they found 58-year-old Shuang Feng, the bus driver, deceased upon arrival. They found two more bus passengers, 35-year-old Eileen Aria and a nine-year old child deceased, as well. According to authorities, the victims were all ejected from the bus during the crash. The semi-truck that smashed into the bus was carrying two UPS drivers, 53-year-old Daniel Kepner and 48-year-old Dennis Kehler, who both passed away immediately when they smashed into the bus.

It took authorities and the National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB) hours to clear the accident scene. At least 60 individuals were taken to hospitals for treatment.

Road Safety Tips for Every Motorist

The National Transportation Safety Board will be investigating this crash for several weeks. According to initial reports, the weather may have suddenly changed just prior to the accident, but it remains unclear whether the weather caused the crash yet or not. Authorities are also looking into other factors – such as the speed the bus was traveling and whether the bus driver was wearing a seat belt.

Sadly, this isn’t the first time a major pileup has occurred on the Pennsylvania Turnpike. A few short years ago in 2014, over 100 vehicles collided into one another, and it resulted in over 30 injuries. That’s why authorities are reminding drivers to remain vigilant and as safe as possible while traveling on high-speed roads.

The National Transportation Safety Board will be spending the next several days analyzing the crash scene and reports from the accident. On Monday, the board held a press conference where they confirmed that a final report will be released in about 18-24 months.

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