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Anesthesia Medication Error in Pittsburgh PA

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Anesthesia Medication Error Lawyers in Western Pennsylvania

Anesthesia medication errors still happen too often in medical offices, dental offices, and hospitals all across Pittsburgh, PA and the rest of the state. These errors are avoidable if the medical staff handling your case take the time and effort necessary to double check dosages and instructions. Anesthesia medication is an important part of many medical procedures, specifically surgeries, that must be administered appropriately in order for it to work. An anesthesia medical error in Pittsburgh, PA can cause severe injuries and even death.

Navigating the legal waters following an anesthesia medication error that left you injured can be difficult. You should never go it alone. Recovering compensation for your injuries will help you pay the bills while you miss time at work. The experienced anesthesia medication error attorneys in Pittsburgh, PA at Matzus Law have been advocating for medical malpractice victims for more than 20 years. Let an experienced legal team fight for your rights so that you don’t have to worry about how to pay the bills while you recover from an anesthesia medication error.

Common Anesthesia Medication Errors in Pittsburgh, PA

Anesthesia is a very strong drug that helps patients fall asleep and stay asleep during painful procedures. One of the most common types of anesthesia medication error in Pittsburgh, PA is that of errors with the dosage. If an anesthesiologist does not provide a patient with the proper dosage of anesthesia medication it can cause the patient to wake up in the middle of the procedure and experience severe pain and additional injuries.

Anesthesia medication errors also include too high of a dosage. When a patient receives too much anesthesia based on their weight it can be difficult to wake them up following a procedure. The longer the patient is under the effects of anesthesia, the higher the chances are that the patient suffers long-term issues. These issues can include respiratory problems, hallucinations, seizures, impaired judgment, nausea, dementia, hypothermia and more.

Another form of anesthesia medication error in Pittsburgh, PA is when the anesthesiologist fails to explain the possible side effects of the medication to the patient. Patients have a right to know every detail about their procedure and the medication that will be used. This is known as informed consent. When the patient is unaware of the side effects and struggles to deal with them, he or she could have a claim.

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If you or a loved one has been injured in an anesthesia medication error in Pittsburgh, PA you need to speak with an experienced attorney immediately. The team at Matzus Law has more than 20 years of experience representing clients who have suffered anesthesia medication error injuries. Your rights are important and you should be completely compensated for your pain and suffering and injuries caused by the accident. Contact us today either online, or call us at (412)-206-5300.

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