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Were Your Carcinoid Tumors Misdiagnosed by a Doctor in Allegheny County or Butler County, PA? Let an Experienced Western Pennsylvania Medical Malpractice Attorney Get You Compensated

Carcinoid tumors are a form of cancer that can affect a range of bodily systems. The carcinoid tumors develop slowly (in comparison to most other forms of cancer), creating a rather complicated diagnostics dynamic. Although healthcare professionals may have more time to discover the presence of carcinoid tumors than, say, an aggressive brain tumor, the symptoms tend to be less obvious. As such, it’s critical that healthcare professionals exercise proper care when diagnosing and treating patients with symptoms that reflect the possibility of carcinoid tumors. Failure to consider this possibility could result in a delayed diagnosis, long after the cancer has developed into its late stages.

If you’re suffering from carcinoid tumors, and the cancer has developed as a result of the delayed diagnosis of a healthcare professional, then you may be entitled to significant compensation pursuant to a Pennsylvania medical malpractice lawsuit. Do note that there is a time limit on all claims, including delayed diagnosis medical malpractice claims, so get in touch with an experienced Pittsburgh medical malpractice attorney at Matzus Law LLC as soon as possible for further guidance.

What Is a Carcinoid Tumor?

Carcinoid tumors are abnormal, cancerous growths of neuroendocrine cells that have a tendency to develop slowly. They are generally located in the appendix, small intestine, rectum, stomach, or lungs. Carcinoid tumors are often difficult to identify, as the symptoms of the cancer do not express in obvious ways until the later stages of the disease. Even when they have become malignant, the symptoms are not necessarily obvious. Carcinoid tumors tend to “look” and “behave” in a manner more typical of benign tumors, despite the fact that they may become malignant and spread to other parts of your body.

Signs and Symptoms of Carcinoid Tumors

Symptoms of carcinoid tumors vary significantly, depending on the bodily system that is affected by them. If you are suffering from carcinoid tumor growth in your stomach, for example, then the disease may express as abdominal pain, nausea, and intestinal blockage. There may also be sudden weight loss. By contrast, carcinoid tumors in the lungs may express as shortness of breath and chest pain.

Chemically speaking, carcinoid tumors often lead to the secretion of high hormone levels, such as serotonin. With testing, the presence of hormones (and their various byproducts) may be detected.

Medical Negligence in Diagnosis of Carcinoid Tumors by Pennsylvania Doctors

Given the unique diagnostic challenges presented by carcinoid tumors, it’s extremely important that healthcare professionals adhere to consistent standards for testing. In fact, given that the presence of carcinoid tumors is occasionally asymptomatic, the patient is put in a rather vulnerable position — only a healthcare professional following proper procedures will be able to diagnose the cancer.

Detected early, carcinoid tumors can be treated effectively with surgery. If not detected early, the tumors can spread to other bodily systems and cause serious injury or even death.

Healthcare professionals may be found liable for medical negligence in the delayed diagnosis context for:

  • Failure to perform necessary diagnostic tests (i.e., hormone blood tests, urine tests, imaging scans, endoscopy).
  • Failure to consider risk factors (i.e., age, sex, family history).
  • Failure to properly evaluate the range of symptoms.
  • Failure to request diagnostic assistance when necessary, or failure to refer the patient to a trained specialist.
  • Failure to correctly process or interpret test results.

Consult an Experienced Pittsburgh Delayed Diagnosis of Carcinoid Tumors Attorney for Further Guidance with Your PA Medical Malpractice Claim

Jason Matzus has spent over two decades representing Pennsylvania medical malpractice plaintiffs in a range of claims, including those that involve the delayed diagnosis of carcinoid tumors. Here at Matzus Law LLC, we have both attorneys and healthcare professionals on staff, giving us a substantial advantage vis-a-vis other medical malpractice firms. With the assistance of on-staff healthcare professionals, Attorney Matzus can fully evaluate your legal and medical claims and more precisely represent your interests during the litigation process.

Have you suffered injuries due to the delayed diagnosis of carcinoid tumors in Cranberry Township, Greensburg, Butler, or elsewhere in Western PA? Speak with one of the experienced Pittsburgh delayed diagnosis attorneys at Matzus Law LLC today by calling (412) 330-1006 to schedule a free consultation.

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