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Adverse Drug Reactions in Pittsburgh PA

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Adverse Drug Reactions in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

When patients are prescribed medication they usually believe that the prescription has been administered correctly by the doctor or nurse. Patients should know ahead of time what medications they are allergic to so that they can tell the hospital or doctor upon being admitted. This will help ensure that the patient is not subjected to a medication that can lead to an adverse reaction. The sad fact of the matter is that adverse drug reactions in Pittsburgh, PA continue to happen today even with the training and technology available for medical professionals.

The drugs that are prescribed to a patient are meant to help the patient fight an illness, a disease, or recover from an injury. There are times when the drug prescribed for a patient wind up hurting them further because of adverse reactions. Adverse reactions can lead to serious injuries and even death. An experienced attorney from the team at Matzus Law can answer your questions, guide you in the right direction, complete an investigation into your injuries and help you recover compensation for the injuries caused by adverse drug reactions in Pittsburgh, PA.

What Are the Common Adverse Drug Reactions in Pittsburgh, PA?

A patient of any age or health can suffer an adverse drug reaction if the prescribed drug is not the correct one for the patient. The patient can wind up suffering a reaction that ranges from permanent damage to death, according to the United States Food and Drug Administration. Other adverse reactions to drugs include the following:

The most common type of adverse drug reaction is when the patient simply needs another medication to intervene. The medication could wind up being oral or topical, where the patient will have to apply a prescription ointment to the affected area in order for the reaction to subside. Adverse drug reactions can cause the patient to develop a rash, vomit, suffer from diarrhea, develop an infection, form pustules on the body and much more.

Contact an Experienced Pittsburgh Medical Malpractice Attorney If You Suffered an Adverse Drug Reaction

An experienced medical malpractice attorney from Matzus Law will be able to handle your case involving adverse drug reactions in Pittsburgh, PA. Your rights are important and should be defended the minute you realize a prescribed drug has caused you to react to it. Call the office today to schedule a free consultation so you can discuss your case and begin the fight for compensation for your injuries, both physical and emotional.

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